Of Jobs, Hangers and Mashed Potatoes

Not a weekly post, but little moments of me figuring out my life and enjoying the quiet before work begins.

Speaking of work, I learned where I will spend my training in August! Two weeks in Chicago – very excited to kick off my job in a city I’ve always wanted to spend more time in. I still don’t know exactly where I’ll end up for my two-year campaign organizer position. I’ll have to bring out my patience on this.

Also, I created a new clothes hanger system today, probably because I have too much time on my hands. Grey is dresses and formal wear, white is light clothing, green is 19402521_10211203588898353_1342896780_oheavier clothes, and blue is winter weather clothes. I’m using the rationale that it will make packing away white clothes during my move easier, but the reality is that I love organizing way too much.

And finally, I successfully failed at making mashed potatoes today. The result: Sad, over-watered potato soup. However, I did eat these amazing Italian breaded pork chops.

10/10, very tasty. Do not recommend my mashed potatoes.

Happy Tuesday! Be back with a weekly post soon.